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The LockCaddy® Conventional model includes four LockCaddy® Gator™ following/aligning tools. 

Green Gator™ No-Slip Follower Sargent (.490)

Red Gator™ No-Slip Follower Schlage (.500)

Pink Gator™ No-Slip Follower Schlage OEM (.500)

White Gator™ Universal Aligning Tool

Blue Gator™ No-Slip Follower Corbin Russwin (.550)


  • durable system designed specifically for the professional locksmith 
  • Saves effort and time on the most common tasks with cores and cylinders
  • Features specialized work areas and unique compartments that facilitate the most intricate work and keep it secure and organized until it's installed 
  • Stack them for easy storage. Mount them to make a key station in your shop or vehicle.
  • Use three Caddy with the LockCaddy® Carrier for ultimate portability


• 32 Service Stations

• Tweezer Storage

• Pin Cover Station

• Gator™ Following Tools

• Holds Cams & Parts

• Aligning Tool

• Pinning Station

• Stackable for Easy Storage

• Secures Cylinders from Shop or Truck to Job Site

• Face Stamp Station


Cylinders and accessories are not included.


For more information, watch the demonstration video LockCaddy® Classic Conventional & Mini Conventional.

LockCaddy® Conventional

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